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Welcome to "Your 'Carwash' Specialists"

At Midlothian Insurance Agency Car Wash Program, we understand the unique risks of owning an automatic car wash. From conveyor facilities to express formatted car washes, we know the exposure and liability risks you face. Let us help protect your facilities, employees and customers with one of our quality car wash insurance programs that include comprehensive value and superior customer care.

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In-bay Automatics

An in-bay automatic car wash is a type of car wash where the car wash customer pays for their wash either at the gas pump located at the nearby gas station, inside a convenience store, or at a pay station that is located in front of the bay. The customer then drives their own vehicle into a single bay, sits in their vehicle, and a machine goes over and around their vehicle, washing it for them. In-bay automatics are also called "rollovers" because the equipment rolls back and forth over the vehicle.

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