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Welcome to "Your 'Carwash' Specialists"

At Midlothian Insurance Agency Car Wash Program , we understand the unique risks of owning a full service car wash. From conveyor facilities to washes offering extended services such as vacuuming and drying, we know the exposure and liability risks you face. Let us help protect your facilities, employees and customers with one of our quality automatic car wash insurance programs that include comprehensive value and superior customer care.

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Full-Service Car Wash

A traditional full-service car wash is a type of wash where a customer drives up to the vacuum area, gets out of their vehicle, and is waited on by a service advisor who takes their order. The customer then takes their ticket into the lobby and pays a cashier. After waiting in the lobby the customer picks up their vehicle outside at the exit end of the car wash after it has been washed and dried by the car wash attendants.

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